Microsoft Sharepoint Standard vs. Enterprise

We are considering implementing SharePoint and I’ve been tasked with comparing the different editions available.  We already have a pilot of Windows SharePoint Services, so mostly I am just showing what you get when you upgrade to SharePoint Standard or Enterprise.

Here are my findings…

Standard adds…

  • additional personalization to the user experience, including audience targeting (displaying content specific to a user or group)
  • many more site/page templates, including the portal template
  • improved search capability (management of search, searching file shares and Exchange)
  • true document management capability (with additional templates for this, and includes retention, auditing, email content as records, legal holds, archiving, logging, etc.)
  • improved forms (browser based forms, centralized management and control)

Enterprise adds…

  • Business Intelligence tools
    • Business data search
    • Integrated, flexible spreadsheet publishing
    • Share, manage, and control spreadsheets
    • Web-based business intelligence using Excel Services
    • Data Connection Libraries
    • Business Data Catalog
    • Business Data Web Parts
    • Business Data actions
    • Integrated business intelligence dashboards
    • Report Center
    • Key performance indicators

More details here:

A quote from one of our vendors gives the following pricing information:

MOSS 2007 Standard

  • $2450.92 server license
  • $51.57 CAL license (per users)
  • Total for 100 users = $2450.92 + $5157.00 = $7607.92

MOSS 2007 Enterprise

  • $2450.92 server license
  • $51.57 CAL license (per users)  PLUS $41.19 additional Enterprise CAL license (per users)

For the record…

Performance Point Server 2007 used to be a separate application / license, but as of this year, if you have an Enterprise license, your SharePoint includes Performance Point.

One Response to Microsoft Sharepoint Standard vs. Enterprise

  1. sashayz says:

    Thanks for the info on pricing. very valuable indeed 🙂

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