Ten Commandments for Successful Project Management

Another list from my first day at my project management fundamentals course:  The Ten Commandments for Successful Project Management.  These are basic tenets to control and manage a project.

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Determine the project objectives.
  3. Establish checkpoints, activities, relationships, and time estimates.
  4. Draw a picture of the project schedule.
  5. Direct people individually and as a project team.
  6. Reinforce the commitment and excitement of the project team.
  7. Keep everyone connected with the project informed.
  8. Build agreements that vitalize team members.
  9. Empower yourself and others on the project team.
  10. Encourage risk taking and creativity.

TechRepublic has a handy printable poster and worksheet of this list, if you happen to be a member.

It looks like this list may originally come from a book called Checkered Flag Projects by W. Alan Randolph and Barry Z. Posner, which is preview-able partially at Google Books.  The book goes into a chapter worth of detail for each point.

A ComputerWorld article has an alternative view of the Ten Commandments for Successful Project Management.  My favorite:  II: Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Fat Team.


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